There is nothing, in my opinion,  that makes your fairy garden look more magical than adding toadstools. And the rule of thumb is that the more you include, the more magical your garden will look!

It’s actually quite difficult to find gorgeous looking toadstools to buy. Every once in a while, I’ve found beautifully crafted toadstools in shops but the majority are cheep painted plastic ones that come from China and don’t look all that whimsical at all.

So, make your own. You will see in my video how quick and easy they are to make. And they are such fun to make too. I bet you will become an expert and quite as obsessed at making them as I am.


How To Make Clay Toadstools : A Video Tutorial


You only need a few basic materials… clay, paint, sticks, a sculpting tool (or a toothpick will do), a paintbrush and glue.


How to make Clay Toadstools and Mushrooms



Please send me photos of any toadstools you make. Each one is magical.

And be sure to check out the shop… I’ve listed it full of gorgeous new goodies.

Blessings and magic,