We all know how much fun children have when they make a fairy garden. They find themselves lost in a magical world.

But, did you know that fairy gardens are amazingly fun for adults too. There is something utterly delightful with working in the miniature… making tiny little scenes and magical spaces for fairies to enjoy. You’ll soon see that, along with your creativity, your fairy garden has taken on a life all of its own and before you know it, you are quite literally, enchanted.

Look at these 3 magical fairy gardens, all so different and enchanting in their own way.


photo of a beautiful Fairy Garden


The gourd house is beautiful, isn’t it? And what a sweet tree-stump table and chairs. The hanging basket with pretty zinnias growing is delightful. And the wagon… with gemstones and beers!


Photo of a fairy garden in a tree


My friend, Carin, and her children made this delightful fairy garden in and around a living tree in their garden. In fact, they won the 2011 Fairy Garden Contest with this magical scene. Isn’t it quite the most delightful place you have seen?


photo of a happy Birthday Fairy Garden


I think this little fairy garden is a wonderful gift for a fairy-lover friend. A magical little fairy scene, with a picnic table set for two. What an enchanting gift.

I hope seeing these gorgeous fairy gardens has inspired you to make one of your own. For more tips and ideas, please visit the Fairy Gardens.

If you are looking for delightful fairy garden accessories to make your fairy garden extra special, please browse through the magical Fairy Gardens Shop.

Don’t forget to add your fairy garden into this years Fairy Garden Contest.


Fairy Garden Contest 2015 Entry Form for The Magic Onions

Happy Fairy Gardening…

Blessings and magic,