There is a family of fairies who live in our yard. They are very shy and we don’t often get to see them.

But, sometimes, if we are very lucky and if the day’s magic is just right, they let us catch a glimpse of them. We see them darting through the honeysuckle… or we catch their reflection in the birdbath… just a flash, a sparkle that we could easily have missed.

We find little gifts from them too. A leaf left on the table that has a fairy’s familiar scrawl. A gemstone hidden in the moss. We know we are lucky.

Just yesterday, when we were planting irises at the bottom of the garden, we stumbled upon their house. It was delightful beyond belief. I had my camera with me and was able to take a few photos of it before the magic wore off and it vanished into the shadows.

Take a look…

photo of my enchanting mini fairy gardenphoto of a magical fairy gardenfairy garden photo There was moss and magic everywhere… sparkles and fairy dust. The fairies had decorated their house with a huge rusty leaf and a gossamer butterfly wing.

The bowls, sitting on the little wooden table, were filled with magical fairy food that popped in our mouths when we tried it.

There was even a tiny little fairy book left on a table. The writing was minute but we couldn’t understand the fairy words as it was written in fairy language. We wondered if it told of magical fairy spells and potions.

But, what enchanted us the most, was the acorn chandelier that hung from the ceiling. And, as we watched, it turned on and off and a faint giggle was heard as we gasped in amazement. photo of fairy garden furniturephoto of a diy acorn chandelier for a fairy garden
photo of a mustard felt flowerphoto of a felted toadstool for a magical fairy gardenbeautiful butterfly wing photo for a fairy gardenacorn bowls for my fairy garden photophoto of my diy wood fairy garden furnituremini book in my fairy garden photomini fairy garden furniturephoto of my magical mossy fairy gardenphoto of my mossy fairy garden
butterfly wing photo in my fairy gardenmealtime in my fairy garden photo
diy acorn pendant chandelier light for my mini fairy gardenphoto of my fairy garden
We hope you’ll be lucky (and brave) enough to let the fairies reveal themselves to you. And, please, share what you see with us.

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And, if you have made a fairy garden, please enter it into this year’s Fairy Garden Contest here.

Blessings and magic,


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