Hi, I’m Donni. My family and I are avid fairy gardeners and I’m so excited to share this passion with you.

I am the Mom of two sunbursts of joy; my precious Kitty who is 11 and my Teddy who is 8. They are the inspiration behind EVERYTHING I do! I am married to my Good Man and together, the four of us are happily crafting our beautiful life.

Every year, some time during the Spring or early Summer, my kids and I make a new fairy garden. It has become a family tradition for us. A together-time… a time for us to get lost in the magic of our mother-child friendships. I can’t express how this delve into the fairy realm replenishes my soul. My sweet little children are enchanting… their imaginations are pure magic and to be welcomed into their childhood dreams is a gift of untold worth.

To be totally honest, I love working in our fairy garden as much as my kids do.

There is something really magical about making a fairy garden. As with most things magic, I can’t quite put my finger on what makes it so. Perhaps it’s a combination of many things… working with moss and miniature is always charming. Add creativity, thoughts of fairies and gnomes, a little pixie dust and you can quite literally get swept up in the enchantment of it all. If we make a fairy garden with our children or grandchildren, the enchantment is intensified. It’s an activity that invites us into their imaginations and offers us a glimpse of what is true for them. It seems to transport us back into our own childhoods to when we too had no doubt in fairies and fantastical things. This is a gift we don’t often get.

Fairy gardens make magic come alive.

I urge you to make one this season… for yourself, for your children or even for the neighborhood fairies.

One thing I can promise… it will make you and everyone else smile with joy.

I am honored to connect with you.
Blessings and magic,