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How To Make Clay Toadstools

There is nothing, in my opinion,  that makes your fairy garden look more magical than adding toadstools. And the rule of thumb is that the more you include, the more magical your garden will look! It's actually quite difficult to find gorgeous looking toadstools to...

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Handmade Fairy Houses and Fairy Poems

We took our kids on a vacation to Maine at the end of the summer and as we are all fairy garden enthusiasts, we couldn't resist stopping in at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens to see their famous fairy houses. They are quite magical, just as expected... all made...

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Winners :: 2016 Fairy Garden Contest

  Last week, I shared one of the most delightful fairy gardens ever... the winner of the 2016 Fairy Garden contest. You can see this magical garden here. We teamed up with Kate from Garden Sparkle and The Magic Onions to bring you the most wonderful prizes yet…...

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